In my general psychotherapeutic work I combine western academic clinical approaches with traditional Buddhist meditative practices and ways of understanding that I have developed, since 1991, as an eclecticistically oriented method. Entailing clarifying, supportive and interpretive talks combined with mindfulness and imagination sessions while sitting or lying down

As a psychoanalyst, I work with a slightly modified standard method in the setting of and conceptualisation by Sigmund and Anna Freud with interpretation of transference and resistance, as well as latent and manifest dream content in the framework of conscious and unconscious psychodynamic processes. Depending on diagnosis and planned duration of the psychoanalytical self-experience, the sessions take place in a sitting or lying position

With palliative treatment, I orient myself to the very real needs of heavy to severely ill patients whom I will visit at home, in hospital or hospice. As well as supporting patients and relatives I assist, through relaxation and visualisation techniques, in relieving anxiety and pain.

In coaching, supervision and counselling, I mediate expert knowledge and methods of treatment directly to the client, discussions on cultural aspects and history of ideas and concepts and, if interested, I also discuss philosophical and spiritual issues, providing teaching and learning information.

For younger colleagues undertaking psychology / psychiatric or general medical professional training, I can offer individual and case supervision which is recognised by the relevant institutions.

For further information please contact me at the above phone number and I shall be glad to discuss your needs.

For the time being teletherapeutical sessions available.