Born on April 14, 1948 in Wörgl, attended school in Innsbruck and Salzburg

Studied psychology, philosophy, pedagogy, German language and literature studies, linguistics and history in Innsbruck, Graz, Vienna and Los Angeles.

I self-financed my university studies as a working student and scholarship holder, which gave me personal independence, practical knowledge and life experience:

I worked as an office worker for a floor coverings company , as a telephone operator for the Austrian Post, as a street interviewer for a Viennese market research institute, as a cultural mediator at Ambras Castle near Innsbruck, as an au pair  in Zurich, as a "kitchen maid" in Bognor Regis, south England, as a model for theatre and painting schools, as an educator at the Innsbruck Clinic for Child Psychiatry, as a baked goods seller in Graz, as a flyer distributor on Vienna's Kärnterstraße and as an assistant teacher in Innsbruck, Vienna and at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

I also volunteered for art galleries in Innsbruck and Vienna and for various student organizations in Vienna and Innsbruck.

In 1972/73, after a stay in New York, I received a Fulbright scholarship in Los Angeles and, after completing my doctorate, in 1974 I was awarded a prize by the City of Vienna, which enabled me to repay a student loan.

After another stay in the USA, I started my full-time professional life at the beginning of 1975 aged 26.